Wednesday, 22 May 2013

About Our Bed and Breakfast

Many of our lovely guests ask us how we came to be the owners of Adeline Bed and Breakfast
Well this was a long cherished dream I was nursing in my" Last Life "for many years and always talked to fiends and colleagues about  my dream of opening the type of Bed and Breakfast that myself and my husband would love to stay at
It would have beautiful gardens to sit in luxuriously appointed rooms with all the added comforts like an open fire, comfy sofas to lounge in, large spa baths to soak away the stresses and cares of the world, a bedroom with beautiful bed linen thirsty towels and ,books ,magazines,DVDs to enjoy and some relaxing CD's to listen to. Breakfast would be a leisurely  affair with a choice of goodies  and there would be some extra little surprises to discover like home made biscuits or maybe even a home made apple tart to have for afternoon tea
Well Adeline came on the market in 2008 while we were overseas The Real estate agent contacted us  and we made a bid for the property but lost out to another buyer I did not loose heart and kept all the information on file saying to my poor mesmerized husband that it was meant for us and will come on the market again to which re replied Well what crystal ball have you been now looking at !!Well" Lo And Behold" as some wise man said we got a call about a month later saying that the sale had fallen through and would we be still interested We were successful second time around  and became the proud owners of Adeline.
The property had not been operating as a Bed and Breakfast for some time
It needed a total re refurbishment and  after 3 months of painting decorating and visiting every Antique shop for miles, Adeline was up and running
Then came the fun part, a website had to be created and learning all about the business of running a Bed and Breakfast commenced and is on going and never ending. But when something is your passion it does not seem like work and is all consuming and  constant challenge
 Learning  all about Google Analytic s , marketing and advertising is ongoing but the best part is looking forward to our  guests arrive, putting in all the goodies,like  fresh flowers and treats  to treat them as our very special guests for the duration of their stay at Adeline Bed and Breakfast       

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